Monday, April 14, 2014

Floral Bridesmaid Dresses for Your Spring Wedding

Picking the right dress for your bridesmaids is more fun than you think. From choosing the color to choosing the right design that would fit each of your lovely friends, there is something to enjoy with the task. When I was picking for my bridesmaids, I wanted a dress that they would be comfortable in, plus I want them to look young and fresh. I picked yellow, white and chocolate brown--inspired by sunflowers. 

Still, you don't have to be stuck with this and that color. Nobody said you cannot have your bridesmaids wear prints. Or better yet, floral prints! I was inspired by the photos of cherry blossoms in Japan this season, so I searched for floral bridesmaid dresses and look what I found! 

1. Their floral print dresses are made from the same cloth and with same cuts or styles:

2. These dresses are of different colors and different prints, but with the same cut:

3. Look how dainty these dresses are! So classic:

4. These dresses have similar floral prints but different colors.

5. These dresses are completely different in styles and prints, but of similar neutral hues that still give it a unified look:

6. Same color, same print design:

7. Anything goes print and design paired with sneakers, platforms or heels:

8. It can also be a long or maxi dress with huge floral prints:

9. Plains and prints combination that look simply dainty:

10. Lastly, sheer dresses that show hints of floral prints.

So, are you inspired yet by these pretty floral bridesmaid dresses?

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